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Beta Test Party

Beta Test Party

Welcome to Penguin Oasis! It's an honor for us to introduce you the Beta Party. We are so happy to have you in this amazing community and glad that you are here to celebrate with us Penguin Oasis opening!

Now you are a Beta Tester and we are so proud of you! Thank you for choosing us and make sure to have fun with your friends around the island. Waddle On!


Snowball Game

Introducing Snowball Server

Snowball Server is a unique game made by Penguin Oasis where players can throw snowballs to other players to get coins and more prizes! Remember this game still on BETA so you might found some bugs.

We are so happy to launch this game now, we assure you will have fun among with your friends and won't stop playing! More information about Snowball game coming soon, stay tuned!

Coming Soon

More information is coming soon! Make sure to join our Discord server and follow us on Twitter so you don't lose any of our updates.

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